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Why Buy Us a Coffee?


We have spent a great deal of time and effort to bring the Scum Community a website that finally has a complete collection of Scum Information


It takes a good amount of money to provide the hosting to run a database website at good speeds


You guys keep playing Scum and we will keep bringing you tutorials, tips, information and keep the website up to date


We drink it early, late, and often and MagicKitty needs it to work

If you are able to donate to show your support towards Alistarz and MagicKitty’s Scum Website ScumDB.com and the Scum Tutorials we create we greatly appreciate any size donation. We are now full time streamers/content creators and running the Scum Database Website so we rely on the community to support us to keep our efforts going!

If you able to make a donation you can do securely through
PayPal or StreamLabs
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