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Scum Cave Locations Map

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Did you know there was caves on Scum Island? Here is a complete Scum Cave Locations Map. Most of the caves on Scum Island are above ground but there is a few underwater caves so if you can’t find a cave above ground don’t forget to check if it’s an underwater cave. Caves can be a great location to build a base. Are you New to Scum? Don’t forget to check out our tutorials in Beginners Scum Tutorials. We have beginners tutorials, bunker tutorials, base building tutorials, character tutorials and weapon damage statistics tutorials.


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Map Icons Courtesy of Freepik


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WW2 Bunkers

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Shipwreck Locations


All game data respectfully belongs to Gamepires, special thanks to Gamepires for allowing us to use your date to create these maps for the Scum Community!

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