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All The Scum LEAKS! Whats Coming To Scum

Want to know whats Coming to Scum? Here’s all the leaks from Tomislav (The Co-Founder of Scum).

Map Expansion

The map has been extended and looks like new Point of Interest areas are coming, new islands including bridges to the islands.

New Scum Map Expansion Leak

Image Source: https://twitter.com/dedaPong

Weapon Factory

A weapon factory is coming to Scum Island with high military loot available. In the future some special vehicles will also be produced at the weapons factory.

Bricks Factory

A place where players can source bricks to upgrade their bases! Bricks will also be scattered through Scum Island however the brick factory will be a major source for bricks.

A Water Park

A resort with a a water park will be connected to the bridges.


Not just any windmills! Windmills that generate free electricity for players and in future it will be possible to control the distribution of electricity.

Marshalling Yard

This will contain railroad tracks and storage depots.


This will be the go to place for players to repair their ships by use of machinery found only at shipyards.

Cargo Port

This will contain high end loot (similar to air drops) except it is imported by sea.

Salt Mine

Salt in future will play a valuable part in players being able to consume their food for longer. Salt will be available throughout Scum Island however this will be the main location for salt.


Not only will this be a place to repair cars in future it will also contain building materials such as nails, bolts, scrap metal and tool repair kits.


Similar to the hospital already in the city but on a much larger scale. In future it will contain machinery where characters can create artificial limbs! Players will also be able to create cyborgs and computer implants.

A Racetrack

Specifically designed for players to create their own races.

A Second City

A second city is coming to Scum Island. It won’t be as large as the first city but will contain similar locations and items.

National Park

Players will be able to find fishing equipment at the National Park.

Military Barracks

Another source for high loot but it will be well protected!

Fishing Farms

A place for players to practice their fishing.


Actually a huge part of the Scum story, is there something hidden behind the waterfall?

Huge Lake

A huge lake that will be partially frozen with something hidden underneath containing to the Scum story line.

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