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AlistarzGaming is a husband and wife team Philippe (Alistarz) and Belle (MagicKitty) who love Scum so much we make Scum Tutorials and Stream our PVP on YouTube.


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Interview with Tomislav Pongrac CoFounder of Scum

Interview with Tomislav Pongrac CoFounder of Scum

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Join AlistarzGaming and Dreamreaper Gaming tonight as they interview Co-Founder of Scum Game Tomislav Pongrac.

We will be asking Tomislav questions about Scum Game development and future features to the game. AlistarzGaming set up a discord for followers of Scum to ask questions for Tomislav. To take part in future discord discussions about Scum join the discord!

The interview with Tomislav Pongrac will take place tonight 17/12/2021 at Midnight AEST / 3PM GMT+1 Time. Feel free to come watch the interview, ask questions and get to know your fellow Scum gamers and streamers.

For more information on Tomislav Pongrac and Gamepires (The creators of Scum) see our About Gamepires or follow Tomislav on Twitter for the latest Scum updates and leaks.

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Gamepires expertise is in highly rendered and superior graphics gaming environments combining exquisite knowledge in physics and game play development and top class graphic layouts. The team consists of creative groups of developers and designers who are constantly oriented to innovation and perfection in performing their daily passion – game production.

Gamepires team uses it’s own developed engine combined with best of breed game play, design and art for each and every entertainment solution we produce. Throughout last 15 years all the members of Gamepires team were engaged in some of the bestselling and top technology gaming products and their experience and knowledge guarantees highest performance and usage standards possible.