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SCUM Development Update #2

SCUM Development Update #2

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SCUM Development Update #2 taken from Steam Community Announcements

Another Monday and as promised, another Development update. Check out what we’ve been up to this past week.
No pictures this time as your boi and his camera were grounded. Actually I was helping with the stress testing and could not snap the photos, will make it up to you guys next time!

  • Optimizations of damage to structures.
  • Setting the new intro cinematic.
  • Completed the plane damage system.
  • Placing spawn points for planes on the island.
  • Further development of plane controls.
  • Plane flight HUD development.
  • Finishing up the traders HUD.
  • Bugfixing major issues.
  • Creating and separating new spawn groups.
  • Creating a secret feature.
  • Finishing up driving model of the new motorbike.
  • Further work on optimizations, reducing the lag and stuttering in the game.
  • More work on implementing DLSS 2.0
  • Further network optimizations, to decrease the lag between client and server.
  • Research of Unreal RPC, to explore further options of network optimizations.
  • Resolving the future game economy issues.
  • Further work on master server to resolve issues where servers can end up blacklisted when they should not.
  • Further work on the inventory rework.
  • Reworking the trees and bushes shadows so they can work with the new temperature rework.
  • Placement of the trader NPCs on the island.
  • Implemented the new boat house on the island.
  • Created trader flags.
  • Optimization of the saloon assets.
  • Creating the snow rework.
  • Creating new mesh assets for the secret feature.
  • Creating new particles for the secret feature.
  • Finishing up the armory.
  • Creating flying bugs (actual insects not the other thing, contrary to popular belief we don’t intentionally make bugs) particles.
  • Re-texturing stone houses.
  • Finishing up the new airfield.
  • Creating the weather vane.
  • Further optimizations of the island to reduce the level bugs and boost performance.
  • Working on the windmills.
  • Testing the heatmap of the island.
  • Finishing the new motorcycle shaders.
  • Creating the new traders outfits.
  • Finishing up the collision boxes for the new motorcycle.
  • Creating new cars models.
  • Finishing the Russian roulette animations.
  • Creating the holiday Main menu.
  • Finishing up the new trailer.
  • Creating concept art for the trader quarters.
  • Finishing up the new loading screen.
  • Further texturing of the VHS rifle.
  • Finishing the low and high poly of new women clothing.
  • Started texturing new women clothing.
  • Finished the new thermometer/compass item.
  • Working on the new anemometer model.
  • Finishing up the new motorcycle sounds.
  • Finishing up the new shotgun sounds.
  • Finishing up the secret feature sounds.
  • Working with the community on the blood donation event,
  • Further cheater hunting.
  • Testing the new features.
  • Reporting the issues from the community.
  • Responding to the community questions.
  • Further stress testing and lag identification testing.
  • Developing new features.
  • Streamlining the pipeline process.
  • Further balancing of the damage, health items and everything else that needed balancing.
  • Started work on the loot table rework.
  • Tweaking the headshot damage multiplier.
  • Tweaking the holiday items blueprints.
  • Tweaking the inventory space and weight of the new motorcycle.
  • Increased the holiday items spawn ratio.
  • Removed the items from the spawn pool that had no use,

That’s all form us for now folks, talk to yall soon. Real soon.

End of SCUM Development Update #2 Notes