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SCUM Development Update

SCUM Development Update

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SCUM Development Update taken from Steam Community Announcements

Hello everyone long time no see with one of these! We are constantly getting questions from you guys about the development status and how it’s going so we have decided to bring the Development updates back! These will release every week giving you fresh updates on what the team is working on! So without any further lollygagging check out what we have been up to this past week as I ran around the office trying to sneak out some photos for you fellas!

Also important announcement! As you will, and already have, see we have been working hard on optimizations and removing the issues in the game. This not only showed more time consuming than expected but also still requires work on the issues. Considering that we had a team meeting and decided to push the 0.7 update to Q1 2022. We did not take this decision lightly as we know you were hoping to get 0.7 as an early Holiday surprise. But the decision has been made to rather take more time to polish it and work on it further so we can provide you the best survival experience out there in the best state possible. Thank you all for understanding and do not worry, we still plan to release you a little something for the holidays.

Programmers have been hard at work this week, here is what they have:

  • Further work on the master/game server communication, reducing the lag and disconnection issues of players.
  • Resolving RPC issues, resulting in decreased lag between the player and the server.
  • Further work on the inventory rework, crucial for the 0.7 update and decreasing the strain on the servers.
  • Further work on the crafting system rework, resulting in a better experience and less crashes in the game.
  • Further work on streaming optimizations, resulting in less lag while traveling in the game.
  • There has been further work on the planes. We’ve created the fueling/draining system for planes and the ability to take off/land. Bailing out with a parachute is now also possible and actual collision detection and health system has been implemented.
  • Trader UI is in high production
  • Prototype for the Metahumans implementation has been finished.
  • The parachuting system and is waiting for testing feedback.

  • Resolving the issues with the vehicle inventory.
  • Temperature system rework has been finished and is awaiting testing.
  • Tweaking the traders and working together with the level design team about implementing them on the island.
  • Working on the Russian roulette feature. (yep you read that right)

  • Working on DLSS 2.0 implementation.
  • Bug fixing.
  • BB elements optimization, decreasing streaming strain when approaching bases.
  • Optimizations for items and textures, decreasing streaming strain and stutters when approaching POIs.
  • Optimized the textures, resulting in less lag and occurrences where textures are not rendering or popping up.
  • Creating the HLODs for the new outposts and landscape blending for the airplanes.

  • Merged the saloon assets.
  • New props and distant landscapes.
  • New buildings and new outposts.
  • Working on the new airfield.
  • Finished the outpost armory.
  • Finishing the boat shop.
  • Bugfixing.
  • Creating the new double barrel mesh and animations.

  • NPC animations.
  • Airplane animations.
  • Finishing new cars 3D models.
  • New 0.7 trailer.
  • Finishing work on the plane model.
  • Creating collision mesh for the new motorbike.

  • New clothing items.
  • Further modeling of the VHS rifle.

  • New concept art.
  • New digital anemometer item.
  • Bugfixing.
  • New motorbike sounds.
  • Optimizations.
  • Bugfixing.
  • Stress testing the server/client communication for further optimizations and tracking the situation of lag on servers.
  • Testing the new features.
  • Forwarding bug reports from the community.
  • Banning pesky cheaters.
  • Creating new promo material.
  • Working with the community on community events.
  • Responding on forums. discord etc.
  • Developing new features.
  • Streamlining the pipeline process.
  • Further balancing of the damage, health items and everything else that needed balancing.

End of SCUM Development Update Notes