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AlistarzGaming is a husband and wife team Philippe (Alistarz) and Belle (MagicKitty) who love Scum so much we make Scum Tutorials and Stream our PVP on YouTube.

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SCUM - Patch

SCUM – Patch

SCUM – Patch taken from Steam Community Announcements

A small content update with a couple of bugfixes are ready so here you go:

First off lets get medieval on that ass. Introducing a couple of new items for that castle hermit roleplay.
First off we have a new helmet, inspired by that one guy. Forgot his name tho. Anyway here it is!

SCUM - Patch

Use it well to either help dames in distress or burn someone’s village. Find you a man who can do both.

Next up we have a new sword:

SCUM - Patch

Also hiding in random castles around the island you can find this old relic, once a pinnacle of infantry combat weapons. Whoever said pen is mightier than a sword obviously never got stabbed by it.

Alrighty there mateys, arrrrrre ya ready for tha seas?
Now ya landlubbers, since tha 0.5 dropped on the world, yar have been sailing me oceans not dressed properly. Rectify this mistake immediately or the next time you venture out into the deep blue, me black flag is tha last thing you will see!

SCUM - Patch

Now it is time for a whole new collection I like to call:

Alright, alright we heard you with the requests and here they are. A required fashion accessories for any proper man of Albian heritage:

SCUM - Patch

Now combine all of these and you can create something like this (thank you Pong for already leaking this


I don’t know about you, but I would NOT mess with that guy.

SCUM - Patch
  • Fixed the bug where a whole bridge disappeared.
  • Fixed the bug where sharks would fail to release the player after the grapple attack.
  • Fixed the bug where wrong audio played on small shocker activation.
  • Fixed the bug where bread would not despawn when it has 0 usage.
  • Fixed the bug where flare traps would not properly use matches when crafting them.
  • Fixed a bug where grenades placed in fire would deal massive damage to BB elements.
  • Possible bug fix for server crashes.
  • Massive wave of level bug fixes.
SCUM - Patch
  • You can now use improvised ropes to craft improvised fishing rod.
  • Drones now drop metal scraps when destroyed.
  • Added new drone behavior.
  • Adjusted the sentry accuracy, sentries should no longer one tap players.
  • Sentries will now focus on prisoners (as long as they’re visible) that they have seen leaving the guarded area instead of focusing on their last known location.
  • Fixing melee weapon on the drill press/workbench now should not take sewing kit or car repair kit as additional required items, it will only consider toolboxes.
  • Disabled gaining experience when hitting objects with melee weapons in events.
  • Drones should no longer visit players in events.
  • Drones should no longer follow player when the player is affected by teleport.
  • Added metal and carbon explosive arrows.
  • Assigned new icons for explosive arrows.
  • Renamed the RPK-74 to RPK due to it actually being RPK not RPK-74.
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