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SCUM - Patch

SCUM – Patch

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SCUM – Patch taken from Steam Community Announcements

The long wait is over, we have another update for you! Highly requested features, from new location to new features and much needed bugfixes and optimizations, check out what awaits you:

Introducing a new City down in the Z2 sector! That is right a city. Novigrad has been established and it truly shows the lure of Adriatic coastline cities.
A bit smaller than the big City we have, but it still has all the good stuff. From beautiful beachfront, construction sites (always something under construction in Croatia), a once luxury hotel to small apartment buildings. If you can’t take a trip to the Adriatic sea this is the next best thing, including mindless puppets and all!

What is the name of the new city you ask? Novigrad. See you there!

Well we teased it and some of you already guessed it, we have some updates on the base building front.

Remember how we added the brick factory and some other construction sites, telling you how important they will be? Well the time is now. Introducing 2 new layers to the BB elements: brick and concrete.

That is right. What you are still on your old wooden or metal walls? Weak. Time to go heavy construction.

These new layers are hard and sturdy and will make explosive solutions to your defenses a bit more nullified. But there is a kicker. The materials for them are extremely rare. So rare in fact you can only gather them in 2 locations. Bricks in, well the brick factory. Cement and concrete materials we will leave for you to find.

Btw told you that you will be selling bricks like a true Croatian.

Removing elements made of metal, brick and concrete require blunt tool equipped not sharp tool.

Doors on BB walls have only one new upper upgrade.

We added a lot of new content since we introduced achievements so it is about time we caught up with them on the achievement side. Added a couple of new ones for all of you achievement hunters and stats comparison junkies. With the new achievements new stat trackers are in naturally as well.

So here they are:

Arrrlright you scurvy dogs. Yer might’ve seen the new pirate themed achievements here, yet what is a proper pirate without proper arrrtirre! Gear yourself mate and sail the sea.

SCUM - Patch
SCUM - Patch

Are you hungry? Starving? Want some more food? We got you. First up traditional Croatian meal Mlinci! These bad boys are a must have for any real holiday meal.

SCUM - Patch

Next up we have the African Biltong! A special shoutout to our SA community, we see you, we hear you and are happy to provide.

SCUM - Patch

So here is the kicker. we heard your feedback and we took a deep dive into the optimizations. Both client and server side so you should see improvements, especially in populated areas where people like to build their own bases and the coastline. We are still, as always, monitoring the situation and looking into the feedback.

SCUM - Patch
  • Fixed the bug where sentries would sometimes duplicate themselves.
  • Fixed the bug where WASD keys would not end autorun.
  • Fixed the bug when player is underwater at night and there was no light.
  • Fixed the bug where holographic sights would mess up when aiming at rivers.
  • Fixed the bug where in some areas puppets would not spawn properly.
  • Fixed the bug where crafting a torch could use stick bundles.
  • Fixed the bug where some wrong icons would show up.
  • Fixed the bug where closing chest inventory would prevent players form using the map.
  • Fixed the bug where catching fish and releasing them would sometimes make them stuck in your hands.
  • Fixed the bug where AKs would show wrong max ammo when RPK drum mag is equipped.
  • Fixed the bug where practice trap did not have infinite defuse attempts.
  • Fixed the bug when charging NVG the icon would not show charge level properly.
  • Fixed the bug where alt tabbing out of the game in the middle of fishing would bug out the game.
  • Fixed the bug where crafting explosive arrows would not use up arrows.
  • Fixed the bug where censor mode would not work on corpses.
  • Fixed the bug where improvised raft and bottom bed would not use materials properly.
SCUM - Patch
  • Disabled chats will now skip automatically when going through them in chat box.
  • Reworked the item naming system ingame. This will result in chests loosing their names and will need to be set again.
  • You can now store tree branches in log sheds.
  • BB doors will now show absolute HP instead of percentages.
  • Reduced the amount of gunpowder needed to craft explosive arrows/bolts.
SCUM - Patch
  • Other player markers now have different color on the map.

New commands

  • #ShowFlagInfo true / false (shows location and information of the flag on the map)
  • #ShowFlagLocations true / false (shows location of the flag on the map)
  • #ShowVehicleInfo true / false (shows location and information of vehicles on the map)
  • #ShowVehicleLoactions true / false (shows location of vehicles on the map)

New server settings

  • EnableLockedLootContainers=1 / 0 (If this setting is set to 1 lockers in the world will be locked and players will need to either lockpick them or open them by force and if it’s set to 0 all lockers will be unlocked and they will be free to search, this dose not include cargo drops whatever setting is set to cargo drop will always be locked)
  • DisableBaseBuilding=0 / 1 (It was already functional and in the game but it wasn’t shown in the ServerSettings.ini) (If commands are set to 0 players will be able to build BB elements and if it’s set to 1 BB element’s will not be able to get placed)

Drone additions

  • As a drone admins will now able to move items on the ground and in the chest, due to some limitations it won’t be able to move items from chest to the ground. Moving the items can be done by pressing TAB that will then show mouse icon on the screen and you will be free to interact with items and chests in vicinity.

New logs and addition to already existing logs

  • Mine interactions like arming the mine, triggering the mine and disarming the mine will now be written down in Mines.log file with both owners of the mines / traps and victim.
  • Now it is possible to see comatose logs under kill.log as separate input in the log file with information of the comatose player and the one responsible for his state.

End of SCUM – Patch Notes