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SCUM Patch

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SCUM Patch taken from Steam Community Announcements

Hello everyone, we meet again! Time for another update! Something new and fixes of the old

Yep, yall kept asking “Bicycles when?”, well bicycles now! Get your tracksuits and shorts ready, helmet or not and prepare to ride down the road not caring about any traffic laws and then wonder why everyone hates you!

Currently only one bicycle is available, the old classico. Very common in Croatian used ad sites, this bicycle may not be fast, or attractive, or sturdy but it will get you there!

So whether you are doing Tour de SCUM or running away from puppets, just hop on and pedal away.

You have already seen some screens about it, and now it is here. Attention all you tourists that are looking into a perfect and cheap location spot! The camping site is now set up. You are now free to set up your trailer or tent, relax, put on your socks and sandals and head to the first mountain so you can get lost and need to be rescued. By rescued we mean killed by surrounding puppets who were probably people that had the same idea at one point.

Located in the C0 sector, waiting for your arrival.

We have some new items for you, specifically you sneaky bastards. Adding some new suppressors to the M82 and the Hunter rifles!

  • Fixed the bug where the prisoner would bug out when switching seats.
  • Fixed the bug where you would automatically go to ADS when exiting focus mode.
  • Fixed the bug where bottles would never despawn.
  • Fixed the bug where cargo drops and killbox lockers would sometime not spawn items.
  • Fixed the bug where check ammo action would sometime not show the ammo count.
  • Fixed the bug where C1 injuries would have too long stabilization time.
  • Fixed the bug where sometimes you could not unbury 2 chests next to eachother.
  • Water collectors won’t lose durability anymore when drinking from them
  • More BB elements now take explosive damage.
  • Improved third person camera on vehicles.
  • Tweaked the stamina recovery for some actions.
  • Redesigned the photo mode UI.
  • Bomb defusal minigame will now properly scale on widescreens.
  • Pressure cooking bomb can now be crafted with empty pots.
  • Puppets now take more fall damage.
  • Crafting metal tip crossbow bolt will now add XP to survival skill.
  • Improvised short paddle now has proper weight value.
  • Added Japanese language.
  • Admin lock removal can now open killbox doors.
  • Custom zones can now allow base building on POI areas.

End of SCUM Patch Notes