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Scum Database

Whats Coming to SCUMDB

Whats Coming to SCUMDB

Now that ScumDB has launched firstly we want to say a huge thank you to the Scum Community for all your support and kind comments about the website. We were so excited to launch after months of hard work and it’s so lovely to get such a wonderful response from the community. But wait.. there’s more! Here’s what else is coming to SCUMDB.

Damage Statistics for Explosives

Ever wondered how many explosives it takes to raid a base? or which explosives do the most damage? Well we are going to test that for you! Soon we are going to have a Damage Stats Database for explosives and how much damage they do on each type of palisade. This way you can easily work out how many explosives you need to take with you on a raid!

Scum Admin/Spawn Commands

While we do currently have spawn commands on each item page we are also going to have these commands all handy in one database so you can search and find admin and spawn commands easily.

Crafting and Miscellaneous Items Database

We will be adding a database for crafting items and also miscellaneous items (any items that don’t fall into the categories of other databases, such as car repair kits, fireworks).

More Streamer/Content Creators

As you may have seen we have featured Scum Streamers and Content Creators on the website. We will be adding more content creators also. If you are interested in being included please contact us. To be considered to be included you must be a regular Scum streamer/content creator and have been creating content for a period of time.

Got ideas for the site? Let us know in the comments or send us a message.

Chat To Us!

We love connecting to other Scum players and streamers. You can come chat to us anytime at Youtube, Twitter, Instagram or Twitch. We stream on Youtube and Twitch almost daily and make Scum Tutorials on Youtube. You can also find us on discord here. If you play on the same server as us come hit us up to go loot or pvp together! Or feel free to email us via our contact page.

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