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Scum Community

Scum Community

Are you a Scum Gamer?

Get involved with the Scum Community on Steam, Reddit, Discord and Twitter for Scum Game discussions, the latest updates, game leaks and patch notes.

Scum Community

Steam Community

Join the Scum Steam Boards for the latest patch notes, general discussion board regarding the game Scum. Post screenshots of the game or your artwork relating to Scum. Share your game play to the video section or announce your live stream in the Stream Announcements. You can also find Scum news, guidelines and reviews on Steam.

Reddit Scum Community

Reddit Community

Join the Scum Reddit Boards for the latest patch notes, general discussion board regarding the game Scum. You can post content on Reddit relating to the game Scum such as screenshots, game play, gifs and more. You will also find the latest news, leaks, patch notes and Q and A’s posted on Reddit.

Scum Twitter

Scum on Twitter

Follow @scumgame on Twitter for all the latest Scum news and updates, leaks from the game developers themselves including images of upcoming items to the game. Scum Game also shares streamer and Scum gamers game play and memes as well as Q and A’s with the developers. You can also find the developers official Twitter pages from @scumgame.

Scum Discord

Scum Discord

Join the Official Scum Discord and get chatting with other gamers. Not only can you message or voice chat with other gamers you will find all the latest Scum announcements including patch notes and news. There is also an information section and a community section so players can post screenshots, game play and stream announcements.

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