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AlistarzGaming is a husband and wife team Philippe (Alistarz) and Belle (MagicKitty) who love Scum so much we make Scum Tutorials and Stream our PVP on YouTube.

Scum Databases
Scum Weapons Database

Melee, Ranged and Grenades

Scum Game Wiki Weapon Damage

Weapon Damage Statistics

Scum Game Wiki Scum Gear Database

Armor, Clothing and Backpacks

Scum Vehicles Database

SUVs, Pickups, Quads and Tractors

Scum Medical Database

Medications and Bandages

Scum Food Database

Vegetables, Fruits and More

Scum Animals Database

All Scum Animals


Scum Character Skills


Scum Character Metabolism

Scum Streamers
Scum Game Wiki Scum Twitch Streamer
AlistarzGaming on Twitch
Tyrone Shoelacez Scum Game Streamer
Tyrone Shoelacez
Loaf Lord Scum Gamer
Loaf Lord
Youtube Streamer
AlistarzGaming on YouTube
NeightWolf49 Scum Game Streamer

We also will be adding in future a complete Crafting Items Database, a Miscellaneous Items Database (for any items in Scum that do not fall under our other database categories) and Scum Admin/spawning Commands Database all with a searchable filter to easily find any item or command.

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