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Scum Food Database

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Please be aware these statistics are subject to change and will be updated regularly.

NOTE: The Food & Gear Database are still being built but will be finished shortly.

For tutorials related to food including metabolism, dehydration and hyperthermia please see our Scum Tutorials Page. For food crop locations please see our Scum Maps.

ImageNameSub CategoryCaloriesServesWeightProteinCarbohydratesFatWater
Scum Game Beet Food ItemBeetVegetables45Cal10.1g1.3g6g0g72ml
Scum Game Broccoli Food ItemBroccoliVegetables41Cal10.0g2.8g6.6g0.4g89ml
Scum Game Cabbage Food ItemCabbageVegetables36Cal40.9g1.3g5.8g0.1g92ml
Scum Game carrot Food ItemCarrotVegetables38Cal10.1g0.7g7g0.2g63ml
Scum Game Cauliflower Food ItemCauliflowerVegetables34Cal20.6g2g5.3g0.1g91ml
Scum Game Celery Food ItemCeleryVegetables13Cal10.1g0.4g1.9g0.1g60ml
Scum Game Chili pepper Food ItemChili PepperVegetables56Cal40.1g2g9g0.1g-400ml
Scum Game Corn Food ItemCornVegetables91Cal10.2g3g19g1g76ml
Scum Game Cucumber Food ItemCucumberVegetables64Cal10.3g2g11g0.3g150ml
Scum Game Fig Food ItemFigVegetables127Cal10.0g0.7g19.2g0.2g80ml
Scum Game Garlic Food ItemGarlicVegetables131Cal50.1g6g33g0.5g50ml
Scum Game Onion Food ItemOnionVegetables55Cal10.1g1g10g0.1g98ml
Scum Game Parsley Food ItemParsleyVegetables41Cal50.1g3g6.3g0.8g87ml
Scum Game Potato Food ItemPotatoVegetables67Cal10.3g2g18.4g0.1g79.3ml
Scum Game Salsify Roots Food ItemSalsifyVegetables35Cal10.0g1.5g10g0g36ml
Scum Game Sugar Beet Food ItemSugar BeetVegetables160Cal10.1g2g24g0g81ml
Scum Game Tomato Food ItemTomatoVegetables28Cal10.1g0.9g3.9g0.2g94.5ml
Scum Game Zucchini Food ItemZucchiniVegetables47Cal10.2g2.4g6.6g0.4g186ml
Scum Game Apple Food ItemAppleFruits90Cal10.1g0.3g14.6g0.2g85.6ml
Scum Game Banana Food ItemBananaFruits97Cal10.1g1.1g22.8g0.3g74ml
Scum Game Canteloupe melon Food ItemCantaloupe MelonFruits63Cal40.6g0.8g8.8g0.2g90ml
Scum Game Date Food ItemDateFruits500Cal10.1g1.8g75g0.2g-50ml
Scum Game Grapefruit Food ItemGrapefruitFruits35Cal10.1g6.9g0g0.1g88.1ml
Scum Game Kiwi Food ItemKiwiFruits88Cal10.1g1.1g14.7g0.5g83.1ml
Scum Game Lemon Food ItemLemonFruits39Cal40.1g1.2g10.7g0.3g87.5ml
Scum Game Lime Food ItemLimeFruits43Cal10.1g0.7g10.5g0.2g88.3ml
Scum Game Mango Food ItemMangoFruits115Cal10.2g0.5g17g0.3g81.7ml
Scum Game Orange Food ItemOrangeFruits54Cal40.1g1.3g15.5g0.3g82.3ml
Scum Game Olive Food ItemOliveFruits79Cal10.0g1g5.6g6.9g84.4ml
Scum Game Peach Food ItemPeachFruits6Cal10.1g0.9g9.9g0.3g88.9ml
Scum Game Pear Food ItemPearFruits88Cal10.2g0.4g15.5g0.1g83.7ml
Scum Game Pineapple Food ItemPineappleFruits81Cal30.9g0.5g13.1g0.1g86ml
Scum Game Watermelon Food ItemWatermelonFruits51Cal44.0g0.6g7.5g0.2g91.5ml
Scum Game Cheese Food ItemCheeseAnimal Products452cal30.3g24.9g2.2g27.4g30ml
Scum Game Barberry Food ItemBarberryFruits141Cal10.1g2g24g1.5g41ml
Scum Game Blackberry Food ItemBlackberryBerries54Cal10.1g1g10g0g88ml
Scum Game Blueberries Food ItemBlueberriesBerries89Cal10.1g0.7g14.5g0.3g84.2ml
Scum Game Current Food ItemCurrantBerries78Cal10.1g1.4g13.8g0.2g83.9ml
Scum Game Grapes Food ItemGrapesBerries121Cal10.1g0.7g18.1g0.2g80.6ml
Scum Game Mulberry Food ItemMulberryBerries70Cal10.1g1.4g9.8g0.4g87ml
Scum Game Strawberry Food ItemStrawberryBerries49Cal10.1g0.8g7.7g0.3g91ml
Scum Game Wild Cherry Food ItemWild CherryBerries105Cal10.1g1.1g16g0.2g82ml
Scum Game Bread Food ItemBreadFood268Cal100.8g7.2g48.1g10g31.9ml
Scum Game Pine Cone Food ItemPine ConeWild Plant148Cal10.0g3g4g15g-10ml
Scum Game Ramsons Food ItemRamsonsWild Plant12Cal10.0g1.5g2g0g42ml
Scum Game Rose Hip Food ItemRose HipWild Plant133Cal10.0g1.6g38g0.3g59ml
Scum Game Coconut Food ItemCoconutNuts And Seeds558Cal40.7g3.3g15.2g33.5g47ml
Scum Game Hazelnut Food ItemHazelnutsNuts And Seeds616Cal10.0g15g16.7g60.7g-50ml
Scum Game Oak Nuts Food ItemOak NutsNuts And Seeds349Cal10.0g6.2g40.7g23.9g-50ml
Scum Game Sunflower Seeds Food ItemSunflower SeedsNuts And Seeds574Cal10.0g20.8g20g51.5g-50ml
Scum Game Walnut Food ItemWalnutNuts And Seeds647Cal10.0g15.2g13.7g65.2g-50ml
Scum Game Bear Steak Food ItemBear SteakAnimal Products211Cal101.0g21g0g13.4g27ml
Scum Game Chicken Meat Food ItemChicken MeatAnimal Products158Cal30.3g31g0g3.6g65.3ml
Scum Game Crow Breasts Food ItemCrow BreastsAnimal Products454Cal30.3g63g0g18g60ml
Scum Game Crow Drumsticks Food ItemCrow DrumsticksAnimal Products454Cal20.2g63g0g18g200ml
Scum Game Deer Steak Food ItemDeer SteakAnimal Products198Cal101.0g26.5g0g8.2g32ml
Scum Game Egg Food ItemEggAnimal Products154Cal10.1g12.6g0.8g9.9g87.6ml
Scum Game Fat Food ItemFatAnimal Products742Cal101.0g0g0g60g0ml
Scum Game Goat Steak Food ItemGoat SteakAnimal Products112Cal101.0g20.6g0g3g34ml
Scum Game Guts Food ItemGutsAnimal Products176Cal50.5g14g0g10g60ml
Scum Game Horse Steak Food ItemHorse SteakAnimal Products131Cal101.0g21.4g0g4.6g3.6ml
Scum Game Human Steak Food ItemHuman SteakAnimal Products286Cal101.0g19g0.1g20g30ml
Scum Game Pork Steak Food ItemPork SteakAnimal Products145Cal101.0g28.2g0g3.2g33ml
Scum Game Rabbit Meat Food ItemRabbit MeatAnimal Products166Cal20.2g33g0g3.5g31ml
Scum Game Seagull Drumsticks Food ItemSeagull DrumsticksAnimal Products454Cal40.4g63g0g18g200ml
Scum Game Seagull Breasts Food ItemSeagull BreastsAnimal Products454Cal60.6g63g0g18g60ml
Scum Game Larve Food ItemLarveInsects72Cal10.0g14g0.7g1.9g53.6ml
Scum Game Larve Food ItemEarthwormInsects294Cal10.0g60g14g1.6g53.6ml
Scum Game Agaricus Augustus Food ItemAgaricus AugustusMushrooms, Non-Poisonous Mushrooms20Cal10.1g1.8g1.2g0g73ml
Scum Game Agaricus Campestris Food ItemAgaricus CampestrisMushrooms, Non-Poisonous Mushrooms19Cal10.1g2g1g0g76ml
Scum Game Amanita Pantheria Food ItemAmanita PantherinaMushrooms, Poisonous Mushrooms20Cal10.1g1.8g1.2g0g73ml
Scum Game Amanita Phalloides Food ItemAmanita PhalloidesMushrooms, Poisonous Mushrooms37Cal10.1g2.5g1.8g1g110ml
Scum Game Boletus Edulis Food ItemBoletus EdulisMushrooms, Non-Poisonous Mushrooms56Cal20.5g7.3g1.1g1.7g80ml
Scum Game Cantharellus Cibarius Food ItemCantharellus CibariusMushrooms, Non-Poisonous Mushrooms36Cal10.1g1.5g7g0.5g92ml
Scum Game Coprinus Comatus Food ItemCoprinus ComatusMushrooms, Non-Poisonous Mushrooms19Cal10.1g2g1g0g76ml
Scum Game Lepiota Procera Food ItemLepiota ProceraMushrooms, Non-Poisonous Mushrooms18Cal10.1g1.7g1.1g0g73ml
Scum Game Lycoperdon Gigantea Food ItemLycoperdon GiganteaMushrooms, Non-Poisonous Mushrooms94Cal102.0g8g9g2.8g67.5ml
Scum Game Psilocybe Cyanescens Food ItemPsilocybe CyanescensMushrooms, Poisonous Mushrooms36Cal10.1g1.5g7g0.5g92ml
Scum Game Almonds Food ItemAlmondsPackaged Foods564Cal40.2g21.2g21.7g49.4g-320ml
Scum Game Baking Soda Food ItemBaking SodaIngredients0Cal500.2g0g0g0g-300ml
Scum Game Beef Stew MRE Food ItemBeef Stew MREMREs600Cal10.6g10g773.6g20.6g114ml
Scum Game Black pepper Food ItemBlack PepperIngredients273Cal500.0g11g64.8g3.3g-200ml
Scum Game Bunny Stars Cereal Food ItemBunny Stars CerealCereals381Cal100.4g9.4g81.8g3.6g-100ml
Scum Game Butter Food ItemButterIngredients994Cal100.3g1g0g81g18ml
Scum Game Cheeseburger MRE Food ItemCheeseburger MREMREs270Cal10.6g14.5g22.6g11.8g0ml
Scum Game Chips Classic Food ItemChips ClassicJunk Food538Cal40.2g4.5g52g38.4g-100ml
Scum Game Choc Candy Food ItemChocCandyJunk Food776Cal10.1g7.6g59.4g29.7g1.5ml
Scum Game Chocobar Food ItemChocoBarJunk Food776Cal10.1g7.6g59.4g29.7g1.5ml
Scum Game Chocolate Food ItemChocolateJunk Food776Cal20.1g7.6g59.4g29.7g1.5ml
Scum Game Chocolate Bar Food ItemChocolate BarJunk Food776Cal10.1g7.6g59.4g29.7g1.5ml
Scum Game Chocolate Cake Candy Food ItemChocolate Cake CandyJunk Food776Cal20.1g7.6g59.4g29.7g1.5ml
Scum Game Chocolate Candy bar Food ItemChocolate Candy BarJunk Food776Cal20.1g7.6g59.4g29.7g1.5ml
Scum Game Chocolate Toaster Pastries Food ItemChocolate Toaster PastriesJunk Food472Cal50.2g5.1g71.8g9.3g-100ml
Scum Game Corn Flakes Food ItemCorn FlakesCereals381Cal100.4g9.4g81.8g3.6g-100ml
Scum Game Crackers Food ItemCrackersPackaged Foods351Cal100.5g9.5g74.3g8.9g-200ml
Scum Game instant oatmeal Food ItemInstant OatmealCereals450Cal100.4g8g74.7g7.5g-197ml
Scum Game Meat Snack Spicey Food ItemMeat Snack SpicyJunk Food630Cal10.1g21.5g5.4g49.6g-50ml
Scum Game Onion Rings Food ItemOnion RingsJunk Food538Cal40.2g4.5g52g38.4g-100ml
Scum Game Pasta Box Food ItemPastaIngredients254Cal21.0g0g79.3g2.1g-100ml
Scum Game Potato Chips Salty Food ItemPotato Chips SaltyJunk Food538Cal40.2g4.5g52g38.4g-100ml
Scum Game Sea Salt Food ItemSea SaltIngredients0Cal200.2g0g0g0g-100ml
Scum Game Soy Sauce Food ItemSoy SauceIngredients66Cal100.2g10.5g5.6g0.1g66ml
Scum Game Spices Mix Food ItemSpices MixIngredients321Cal200.2g6.1g72.1g8.2g0ml
Spicy Nacho ChipsSpicy Nacho ChipsJunk Food538Cal40.2g4.5g52g38.4g-100ml
Scum Game Strawberry Toaster Pastries Food ItemStrawberry Toaster PastriesJunk Food464Cal50.2g4.7g71g10.5g-100ml
Scum Game Sugar Food ItemSugarIngredients700Cal201.0g0g100g0g-100ml
Scum Game Tuna Salad MRE Food ItemTuna Salad MREMREs546Cal10.6g10.5g61.8g19.5g89.5ml
Scum Game Uncle Pong Rice Food ItemUncle Pong RiceIngredients277Cal101.0g6.8g81.7g0.5g-100ml
Scum Game UpNGo Cereal Food ItemUpNGo CerealCereals381Cal100.4g9.4g81.8g3.6g-100ml
Scum Game Vegetable Oil Food ItemVegetable OilIngredients823Cal101.0g0g0g100g0ml
Scum Game Vinegar Food ItemVinegarIngredients0Cal101.0g0g0g0g94.8ml
Scum Game Wheat Flour Food ItemWheat FlourIngredients283Cal101.0g9.7g76.2g1.5g-100ml
Scum Game Yeast Food ItemYeastIngredients307Cal100.0g38.3g38.2g406g-100ml
Scum Game Baby Food ItemBaby FoodCanned Foods, Processed Canned Foods109Cal10.2g11.5g1.4g6.2g80.3ml
Scum Game Baked Beans Food ItemBaked BeansCanned Foods, Processed Canned Foods116Cal40.6g4.8g20.5g0.4g72.6ml
Scum Game Canned Beef Goulash Food ItemCanned Beef GoulashCanned Foods, Processed Canned Foods76Cal40.5g8.3g3.4g2.7g84.9ml
Scum Game Beef Ravioli Food ItemBeef RavioliCanned Foods, Processed Canned Foods784Cal40.8g40g56g40g320ml
Scum Game Beef Stew Food ItemBeef StewCanned Foods, Processed Canned Foods81Cal40.8g9g3.8g3g83.8ml
Scum Game Black Olives Food ItemBlack OlivesCanned Foods, Canned Fruit113Cal20.2g0.8g6.3g10.7g80ml
Scum Game Canned Tuna Food ItemCanned TunaCanned Foods, Canned Meats189Cal40.2g29.1g0g8.2g59.8ml
Scum Game Cat Food ItemCat FoodCanned Foods, Processed Canned Foods176Cal10.2g23.5g0g7g50ml
Scum Game Chow Mein Food ItemChow MeinCanned Foods, Processed Canned Foods471Cal40.5g8.4g57.5g30.8g0.7ml
Scum Game Dog Food ItemDog FoodCanned Food, Processed Canned Foods176Cal10.2g23.5g0g7g50ml
Scum Game Fruit Cocktail Food ItemFruit CocktailCanned Foods, Canned Fruit71Cal41.0g0.4g22.9g0.1g76.4ml
Scum Game Green peas Food ItemGreen PeasCanned Food, Canned Vegetables58Cal20.5g3.2g9.7g0.3g85.9ml
Scum Game Guava Food ItemGuavaCanned Foods, Canned Fruit98Cal10.2g2.5g14.3g0.9g80.8ml
Scum Game Peach Compot Food ItemPeach CompotCanned Foods, Canned Fruit94Cal41.0g0.2g15g0g84.5ml
Scum Game Sardine Food ItemSardineCanned Foods, Canned Meats196Cal10.1g24.6g0g11.5g59.6ml
Scum Game Spaghetti with Meatballs Food ItemSpaghetti With MeatballsCanned Foods, Processed Canned Foods115Cal20.5g4.2g11.1g5.1g78.2ml
Scum Game SPAM Food ItemSPAMCanned Foods, Processed Canned Foods315Cal40.4g152.5g3.4g25.1g55.5ml
Scum Game Sweet Corn Food ItemSweet CornCanned Foods, Canned Vegetables87Cal20.5g2.6g18.8g0.9g76.7ml
Scum Game Tomato Pelati Food ItemTomato PelatiCanned Foods, Processed Canned Foods31Cal20.4g1.6g7.3g0.3g89.4ml
Scum Game Tomato Sauce Food ItemTomato SauceCanned Foods, Processed Canned Foods41Cal10.2g1.3g5.8g0.2g91.1ml
Scum Game Bubbles Food ItemBubblesNon-Alcoholic Drinks109Cal30.3g0g11g0g98ml
Scum Game Caramel Soda Food ItemCaramel SodaNon-Alcoholic Drinks109Cal202.0g0g11g0g98ml
Scum Game Carrot Juice Food ItemCarrot JuiceNon-Alcoholic Drinks49Cal50.5g0.9g9.3g0.2g500ml
Scum Game Cola Food ItemColaNon-Alcoholic Drinks109Cal30.3g0g11g0g98ml
Scum Game Cream Food ItemCreamNon-Alcoholic Drinks352Cal50.2g3.2g12.5g22.2g61.3ml
Scum Game Grapefruit Juice Food ItemGrapefruit JuiceNon-Alcoholic Drinks30Cal50.5g0.5g9.2g0.1g90ml
Scum Game Lime Juice Food ItemLime JuiceNon-Alcoholic Drinks34Cal50.5g0.4g8.4g0.1g90.8ml
Scum Game Lime Soda Food ItemLime SodaNon-Alcoholic Drinks101Cal202.0g0g19g0g98ml
Scum Game Milk Food ItemMilkNon-Alcoholic Drinks95Cal101.0g3.3g4.7g3.4g87.7ml
Scum Game Orange Juice Food ItemOrange JuiceNon-Alcoholic Drinks69Cal50.5g0.7g10.4g0.2g88.3ml
Scum Game Soda Food ItemSodaNon-Alcoholic Drinks109Cal30.3g0g11g0g98ml
Scum Game Water Food ItemWaterNon-Alcoholic Drinks0Cal50.5g0g0g0g100ml
Scum Game Absinthe Father Food ItemAbsinthe FatherAlcoholic Drinks490Cal101.0g0g0g0g-60ml
Scum Game Beer Food ItemBeerAlcoholic Drinks99Cal50.5g1g3.6g0g-60ml
Scum Game Isopropl Alcohol Food ItemIsopropyl AlcoholMedical0Cal100.8g0g0g0g700ml
Scum Game Kaj-El beer Food ItemKaj-El BeerAlcoholic Drinks133Cal30.3g1g3.6g0g-60ml
Scum Game Majestic Bear Vodka Food ItemMajestic Bear VodkaAlcoholic Drinks234Cal101.0g0g0g0g-60ml
Scum Game Mina Beer Food ItemMina BeerAlcoholic Drinks120Cal30.3g1g3.6g0g-60ml
Scum Game Pelinkovac Food ItemPelinkovacAlcoholic Drinks283Cal101.0g0g29g0g-60ml
Scum Game SCUMkin Spice Latte Food ItemSCUMkin Spice LatteAlcoholic Drinks110Cal10.3g1g3.6g0g-60ml
Scum Game SCUM Sunrise Food ItemSCUM SunriseAlcoholic Drinks110Cal10.3g1g3.6g0g-60ml
Scum Game Slavic Gent Food ItemSlavic GentAlcoholic Drinks110Cal10.3g1g3.6g0g-60ml
Scum Game Slav reviver Food ItemSlav ReviverAlcoholic Drinks110Cal10.3g1g3.6g0g-60ml
Scum Game Tequila Food ItemTequilaAlcoholic Drinks220Cal101.0g0g0g0g-60ml
Scum Game The island Special Food ItemThe Island SpecialAlcoholic Drinks110Cal30.3g1g3.6g0g-60ml
Scum Game Waitapu Beer Food ItemWaitapu BeerAlcoholic Drinks110Cal30.3g1g3.6g0g-60ml
Scum Game Whiskey Food ItemWhiskeyAlcoholic Drinks234Cal101.0g0g0g0g-60ml
Scum Game Wine Food ItemWineAlcoholic Drinks99Cal70.7g0.1g2.6g0g-60ml



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