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Scum Medical Database

Click on the name of each item of the Scum Medical Database to see more details.

Please be aware these statistics are subject to change and will be updated regularly.

For information on how to tell if your character is injured and how to heal your character please see our Complete Beginners Guide to Scum.

Scum Game Activated Charcoal Medical ItemActivated CharcoalMedical12 (blister) / 20 (box) / 30 (Jar)0.0kg1x1
Scum Game ICO Adrenaline Medical ItemAdrenalineMedical10.1kg1x1
Scum Game Antibiotics Pills Medical ItemAntibioticsMedical12 (blister) / 20 (box) / 30 (jar)0.1kg1x1
Scum Game Anti Malaria Medical ItemAnti-Malaria PillsMedical12 (blister) / 20 (box) / 30 (jar)0.1kg1x1
Scum Game Anti Parasitic Pills Medical ItemAnti-ParisiticMedical12 (blister) / 20 (box) / 30 (jar)0.1kg1x1
Scum Game Antipsychotic Pills Medical ItemAnti-PsychoticMedical12 (blister)0.1kg1x1
Scum Game Anti Radiation Pills Medical ItemAnti-Radiation PilsMedical12 (blister) / 20 (box) / 30 (jar)0.0kg1x1
Scum Game Aspirin Medical ItemAspirinMedical120.1kg1x1
Scum Game Sedative Medical ItemAtropine InjectionMedical10.1kg1x1
Scum Game ICO Bee Pollen Pills Medical ItemBeepollen PillsMedical12 (blister) / 20 (box) / 30 (jar)0.1kg1x1
Scum Game Isopropl Alcohol Food Item Isopropyl AlcoholMedical100.8kg1x2
Scum Game PainKillers Medical ItemPainkillers PillsMedical12 (blister) / 20 (box) / 30 (Jar)0.1kg1x1
Scum Game Penicillin Medical ItemPenicillinMedical300.1kg1x1
Scum Game Sedative Medical ItemSedativeMedical100.0kg1x1
Scum Game Vitamin Pills Blisters Medical ItemVitamin PillsMedical12 (blister) / 20 (box) / 30 (Jar)0.0kg1x1
Scum Game Potassium Iodide Pills Medical ItemPotassium Iodide PillsMedical12 (blister) / 20 (box) / 30 (Jar)0.1kg1x1
Scum Game Quinine Sulphate Pills Medical ItemQuinine Sulphate PillsMedical12 (blister) / 20 (box) / 30 (Jar)0.1kg1x1
Scum Game Rags ItemRagsMedical10.1kg1x1
Scum Game Emergency Bandage Medical ItemEmergency BandageMedical10.0kg1x1
Scum Game Emergency Bandage Pack Medical ItemEmergency Bandage PackMedical50.2kg2x1


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