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Scum Vehicles Database

Click on the name of each item in the Scum Vehicles Database to see more details.

Please be aware these statistics are subject to change and will be updated regularly.

For information on vehicles in Scum please see our Vehicles Tutorial. For car spawn locations please see our Car Spawn Locations map.

ImageNameOccupantsCargo SpaceTop kmh No SkillTop kmh Basic SkillTop kmh Medium SkillTop kmh Advanced Skill
Scum Game Pickup Vehicle Pickup620x706293124156
Scum Game SUV Vehicle SUV520x706293124156
Scum Game Quad Vehicle Quad 216x1240608099
Scum Game Tractor Vehicle Tractor324x7246464646
City BikeCity Bicycle 2024242424
Scum Game Mountain BikeMountain Bike 1030303030


Where can I find Vehicles on Scum Island

Check out our complete vehicle map for car spawn locations.

How do I repair a tire?

In order to repair a tire you will need either a Tire Repair Kit or a Improvised Tire Repair Kit. Hold the repair kit in your characters hand and face the tire and click ‘f’ to repair tire.

How do I repair a vehicle?

To repair a vehicle have a Car Repair Kit on your characters body or in the vicinity. Hold ‘f’ on the vehicle and click repair. Basic Engineering is required to use a Car Repair Kit.

How do I lock a vehicle?

In order to lock a vehicle you need a craft a lock then press tab while standing near the vehicle and drag the lock onto the vehicle.

Can a player steal or damage my vehicle?

A player can steal your vehicle if it is not locked with a crafted lock. If a vehicle is locked a player will be required to lockpick the lock before being able to steal it. A player can destroy a vehicle through the use of weapons or driving it into a body of water. Vehicles cannot be destroyed within the safe zones however they can still be lockpicked in the safe zones.