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Scum Weapons Database

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Please be aware these statistics are subject to change and will be updated regularly.

For tutorials on weapons please see our Scum Tutorials Page. For Bunker, WW2 Bunker, POI and loot locations please see our Scum Maps.

ImageNameSub CategoryWeightGridCaliberVelocityRate of FireCapacityRangeSkillThrowable
BatonBatonMelee Weapons0.8kg1x3
Brass KnucklesBrass KnucklesMelee Weapons0.3kg1x2
Improvised HammerImprovised HammerTools2.5kg1x3
Improvised HatchetImprovised HatchetTools1.5kg1x4
Kitchen KnifeKitchen KnifeTools0.4kg1x2
Kitchen KnifeKitchen KnifeTools0.4kg1x2
Kitchen KnifeKitchen KnifeTools0.4kg1x2
Kitchen KnifeKitchen KnifeTools0.4kg1x2
Metal KnifeMetal KnifeTools0.4kg1x2
Metal SawMetal SawTools0.8kg3x1
Metal SwordMetal SwordTools1.5kg1x5
N9 BayonetN9 bayonetTools0.4kg1x2
N9 Bayonet (Grey)N9 bayonet (Grey)Tools0.4kg1x2
Scout (White)Scout (White)Tools0.3kg1x2
ShurikenShurikenMelee Weapons0.2kg1x1
Small SpadeSmall SpadeTools1.5kg1x4
Stone AxeStone AxeTools2.0kg1x3
Stone KnifeStone KnifeTools0.4kg1x1
Wooden ClubWooden ClubMelee Weapons1.7kg1x4
Wooden Club With BarbedwireWooden Club With BarbedwireMelee Weapons1.8kg1x4
Wooden Club With NailsWooden Club With NailsMelee Weapons1.8kg1x5
Wrench PipeWrench PipeTools1.2kg1x2
Baseball BatBaseball BatMelee Weapons1.0kg1x5
Baseball Bat with BarbedwireBaseball Bat with BarbedwireMelee Weapons1.1kg1x5
Baseball Bat with NailsBaseball Bat with NailsMelee Weapons1.1kg1x5
Big Stone AxeBig Stone AxeTools3.5kg2x5
Improvised Shovel Improvised ShovelTools1.5kg1x6
Metal AxeMetal AxeTools3.5kg2x5
Metal Baseball BatMetal Baseball BatMelee Weapons1.0kg1x5
Pitchfork (Bent)Pitchfork (Bent)Tools2.0kg6x1
Sledge HammerSledge HammerTools8.5kg1x5
Spade Shovel Spade ShovelTools2.0kg5x1
Wooden SwordWooden SwordMelee Weapons0.5kg1x4
Improvised Metal SpearImprovised Metal SpearMelee Weapons1.3kg1x6
Improvised Stone SpearImprovised Stone SpearMelee Weapons1.8kg1x6
Improvised Wooden SpearImprovised Wooden SpearMelee Weapons1.0kg1x6
Improvised BowImprovised Bow 20Bows2.0kg8x1.5
Improvised Bow 25Improvised Bow 25Bows2.0kg8x1.5
Improvised Bow 30Improvised Bow 30Bows2.0kg8x1.5
Improvised Bow 35Improvised Bow 35Bows2.0kg8x1.5
Cobra 50Cobra 50Bows1.5kg8x1.5
Kodiak 60Kodiak 60Bows1.5kg8x1.5
Predator 70Predator 70Bows1.5kg8x1.5
Mohawk 80Mohawk 80Bows1.5kg8x1.5
BlackHawk 90BlackHawk 90Bows1.5kg8x1.5
Ballista 100Ballista 100Bows1.5kg8x1.5
Compound BowCompound BowBows1.5kg5.5x2
Block 21Block 21Handgun0.65kg4x3.45 ACP254.5 m/s 700 rpm 13400 m Handgun
DEagle .357DEagle .357Handgun2.00kg4x3.357380 m/s 350 rpm 9400 m Handgun
DEagle .50DEagle .50Handgun2.00kg4x3.50 AE450 m/s 200 rpm7400 m Handgun
DEagle .50 (Gold)DEagle .50 GoldHandgun2.00kg4x3.50 AE450 m/s 200 rpm7400 mHandgun
Improvised Handgun .50calImprovised Handgun .50calHandgun1.2kg4x3.50 AE450 m/s 250 rpm 1400 mHandgun
TEC01 M9TEC01 M9Handgun2.0kg4x39 mm390 m/s 700 rpm 15400 m Handgun
TEC01 M9 (Silver)TEC01 M9 (Silver)Handgun2.0kg4x39 mm390 m/s 700 rpm 15400 m Handgun
M1911 (Classic)M1911 (Classic)Handgun1.1kg4x3.45 ACP254.5 m/s 700 rpm7400 mHandgun
M1911 (Engraved)M1911 (Engraved)Handgun1.1kg4x3.45 ACP254.5 m/s 700 rpm7400 mHandgun
M1911 (Gold)M1911 (Gold)Handgun1.1kg4x3.45 ACP254.5 m/s 700 rpm7400 mHandgun
MP5MP5Sub Machine Gun2.8kg6x39 mm390 m/s 800 rpm30400 mRifles
MP5KMP5KSub Machine Gun2.00kg2x1.59 mm390 m/s800 rpm30400 mRifles
MP5SDMP5SDSub Machine Gun 2.7kg4.5x1.59 mm390 m/s800 rpm30400 mRifles
UMP-45UMP-45Sub Machine Gun2.7kg4x3.45 ACP 254.5 m/s800 rpm 30400 mRifles
Improvised ShotgunImprovised ShotgunShotgun3.0kg11x312 Gauge830 m/s 30 rpm1400 m Rifles
M1887M1887Shotgun3.6kg11x312 Gauge830 m/s 36 rpm6200 mRifles
M1887 Sawd-offM1887 Sawd-offShotgun3.6kg11x312 Gauge830 m/s 36 rpm6200 mRifles
SDASS 12M SDASS 12MShotgun2.4kg10x312 Gauge830 m/s55 rpm7200 mRifles
TEC01 490TEC01 490Shotgun3.9kg11x312 Gauge830 m/s 55 rpm8200 mRifles
Hunter 85Hunter 85Rifles2.8kg14x322 .Cal731.5 m/s 35 rpm 41000 m Rifles
Kar98Kar98Rifles4.1kg14x37.92x57mm760 m/s 35 rpm51000 m Rifles
M1891M1891Rifles3.9kg14x37.62x54mm830 m/s 35 rpm51000 mRifles
M1 RifleM1 RifleRifles4.3 kg 14x3.30-06853 m/s 500 rpm8400 mRifles
M82A1M82A1Rifles14 kg16x3.50 BMG928 m/s 200 rpm 10400 mRifles
SVDSVDRifles5.3 kg7x1.57.62x54mm830 m/s500 rpm101000 mRifles
AK-15AK-15Assault Rifle3.1 kg11x37.62x39mm730 m/s 700 rpm301000 mRifles
AK-47AK-47Assault Rifle3.5 kg7x37.62x39mm730 m/s600 rpm 301000 mRifles
AKMAKMAssault Rifle3.5 kg11x37.62x39mm730 m/s600 rpm 301000 mRifles
AKS-74UAKS-74UAssault Rifle2.7 kg6x35.45x39mm880 m/s 650 rpm30400 m Rifles
AS ValAS ValAssault Rifle2.5 kg7x39x39mm300 m/s900 rpm20500 mRifles
M16A4M16A4Assault Rifle2.89 kg11x35.56x45mm940 m/s 800 rpm301000 mRifles
MK18MK18Assault Rifle2.67 kg10x35.56x45mm940 m/s 900 rpm301000 mRifles
RPK-74RPK-74Light Machine Gun4.8 kg7x27.62x39mm730 m/s600 rpm751000 mRifles
Smoke GrenadeSmoke GrenadeGrenades0.7kg1x1Yes



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