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Scum Interactive Map

Welcome to the Scum Island Interactive Map

Click the tabs to the left on or off to see particular tabs such as Gas Station Locations, Police Stations, Bunkers, Car Spawn Locations, Towns or High Loot Locations.

We also have printable maps available including shipwreck locations, caves and more.



Did you know you can use this Scum interactive map to teleport your character in the game (single mode only unless you are an admin of a server). To teleport to a particular spot, right click on the map where you want to teleport your character to, right click and select ‘Copy Admin teleport’. This copies the co-ordinates of that particular spot on the map. Go to your Scum game and press ‘t’ to open the chat box, paste the code into the chatbox but before pressing enter change the last item on the end of the code that says ‘anonymous’ to your in game character name. Click enter and your character will teleport to that location.


Created with Maps by Zupa