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Scum Metabolism

The Scum Metabolism can be accessed by pressing tab in the game to open your inventory then clicking on the ‘Metabolism’ tab. The Metabolism is broken down into different sections based on what each section monitors.

Metabolism is the chemical process that breaks down food, uses energy and processes your characters waste. From this tab you can monitor your characters body.


The ICU section monitors your characters heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, respiration rate, and temperature.

Attributes and Skills

The next section monitors your characters four attributes; strength, intelligence, dexterity and constitution. Each of these attributes have their own skills. From this section you can check the levels of each skill. Each skill can reach the following three levels; basic, medium and advanced. Increasing these skills will unlock extra benefits to your character. For more information on skills please see our skills page.

BCU Body Moniter

The BCU Body Monitor displays your characters age, weight, fat, tooth count and temperature. This section will also show any sicknesses your character has. If you do not see sicknesses listed this means your character is currently not sick.

BCU Performance Monitor

The BCU Performance Monitor shows your characters current stats including pace, walking, running or jogging speed. From this tab you can see gear weight, how much your character is currently carrying and if you are carrying too much weight this will display in red. This will also show other current stats such as eating speed, healing speed and stamina.

BCU Nutrition Monitor

The BCU Nutrition Monitor monitors nutrient intake, including your macro-nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, as well as basic calories. From here you can check if your character needs food or water. You can also check your characters vitamin levels. Any levels in the negative or red means your character is lacking is those areas. Calories provide your character with energy and can be used by any activities that need stamina such as jogging or swimming.

BCU Digestion Monitor

The BCU Digestion Monitor monitors your characters digestion system including stomach, intestines, colon and bladder volume. As your character eats or drinks this will go into your stomach than slowly be processed into your characters intestine then lastly move into your characters colon or bladder. If your character has too much food or water in their stomach or intestine this can cause vomiting or diarrhea. When the characters colon or bladder is full this is when your character will need to relieve their waste.