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Scum Skills

There are four main attributes to a Scum character; Strength, Constitution, Intelligence and Dexterity.

Each of these attributes contain their own skills which can be selected during character creations. Each of the Scum skills can be increased during the game by performing tasks relating to the particular skill. Click on the tabs below for a full description of each character attribute and a list of Scum skills attributed to them.

The attribute of strength refers to performance skills requiring a certain amount of strength.
The strength attribute defines how much weight the player can bear without slowing down. If the load capacity is exceeded, the player can perform at a slower pace; defines how easily a heavy object can be moved by the player; if the objects are actually too heavy for the player to move them, without the aid of other players, the character will not be able to perform the action. The strength attribute also determines how much damage a player will inflict on opponents with melee weapons. 
The Strength Skills are;

The characteristic of the constitution applies to anything related to physical stamina and endurance.

The constitution attribute defines how many health points the player would have initially when starting the game. To begin with, a stronger constitution means more health; it defines how well the body of the player can cope with tension, pain, toxin, temperature, shock, and physical harm. A stronger constitution ensures that the player is less likely to get hurt. The constitution attribute also defines a characters endurance; meaning how easily the player gets tired. A higher constitution implies that in all activities the player will be able to outperform other players and will also recover their energy faster. Higher constitution implies that calories are expended more effectively, the speed of calorie intake is reduced and more nutrients will be absorbed from food.

The Constitution Skills are;

  • Running
  • Endurance
  • Swimming (Not Yet Available in Game)
  • Resistance (Not Yet Available in Game)

The intelligence attribute refers to the perception and capacity to effectively execute tasks.

The intelligence attribute improves the player’s probability of hitting the target. Players can learn skills faster also the higher their characters intelligence level is.

The Intelligence Skills are;

  • Awareness
  • Sniping
  • Camouflage
  • Survival
  • Engineering
  • Medical
  • Programming & Electronics (Not Yet Available in Game)
  • Biochem (Not Yet Available in Game)
  • Education & Psychology (Not Yet Available in Game)
  • Cooking (Not Yet Available in Game)
  • Animal Handling (Not Yet Available in Game)
  • Tactics (Not Yet Available in Game)

The attribute of dexterity refers to anything related in general to the pace of movement and reaction.

The dexterity attribute defines how quickly the player can drive, walk, run and sprint. The dexterity attribute also defines how quickly the player can perform regular tasks such as crafting, eating, weapon reloading, etc. Dexterity also increases the ability to perform complex acts such as surgery, electronics repairing, etc.

The Dexterity Skills are;