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Scum Game SUV Vehicle


Occupants 5
Cargo Space
Top kmh No Skill 62
Top kmh Basic Skill 93
Top kmh Medium Skill 124
Top kmh Advanced Skill 156

The SUV is a Vehicle in SCUM.

Vehicles can be repaired with Car Repair Kits and Tire Repair Kit. Basic Engineering Skill is required to use a Car Repair Kit.

Vehicles will start to produce white smoke when at 70% health, black smoke at 50% health, fire at 30% health and explode at 0% health. An exploding vehicle will destroy or kill any items or players inside the vehicle.

Blue SUV
Orange SUV
Police SUV
Police SUV
Black SUV
#spawnvehicle BP_SUV_01_A
#spawnvehicle BP_SUV_01_B
#spawnvehicle BP_SUV_01_C
#spawnvehicle BP_SUV_01_D
#spawnvehicle BP_SUV_01_E
Car Repair Kit #spawnitem Car_Repair_Kit
Tire Repair Kit #spawnitem Tire_Repair_Kit
#spawnitem Improvised_Tire_Repair_Kit
Car Jack #spawnitem Car_Jack
Car Battery #spawnitem Car_Battery
Gas Container #spawnitem Gasoline_Canister


Where can I find Vehicles on Scum Island

Check out our complete vehicle map for car spawn locations.

How do I repair a tire?

In order to repair a tire you will need either a Tire Repair Kit or a Improvised Tire Repair Kit. Hold the repair kit in your characters hand and face the tire and click ‘f’ to repair tire.

How do I repair a vehicle?

To repair a vehicle have a Car Repair Kit on your characters body or in the vicinity. Hold ‘f’ on the vehicle and click repair. Basic Engineering is required to use a Car Repair Kit.

How do I lock a vehicle?

In order to lock a vehicle you need a craft a lock then press tab while standing near the vehicle and drag the lock onto the vehicle.

Can a player steal or damage my vehicle?

A player can steal your vehicle if it is not locked. If a vehicle is locked a player will be required to lockpick the lock before being able to steal it. A player can destroy a vehicle through the use of weapons or driving it into a body of water. Vehicles cannot be destroyed within the safe zones however they can still be lockpicked in the safe zones.